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Abstract  “CHAT WITH STRANGERS” or “TALK TO STRANGERS” these are the one of the most searching keywords on Google or any other search engines. Approx. 60-70 million people per months search these keywords on internet or use play store to download app to chat with strangers.

In the ero of internet community stranger chat is very common. Busy and stressed people use to chat online to get relaxed. Even teenagers are more on chatting over internet as their parents have no time for their children. Certainly there are some good and bad things in chatting online with strangers. There are varified social media, there are unvarified websites/apps which may keep you anonymous during chat.

In this article we are going to give a comprehensive touch to every single topic related to stranger chat or online chat.

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**Note: This article is not completed yet, It will be updated soon. Till you may try chatting with strangers 


  1. Introduction
  2. History of CHATROOMS
  3. Concept behind stranger chat
  4. Why people chat with strangers online?
  5. Why anonymous chat? Why not chat on facebook/twitter/instagram etc.
  6. Analytics and Google Trends on topic chat with strangers
  7. Teenagers and stranger chat
  8. List of most used websites to chat with strangers
  9. List of most used mobile application to chat with strangers
  10. Chat over mobile application vs. chat on desktop/laptop. Which one is more safe?
  11. Random video chat – The most preferrable stranger chat type
  12. How to start chatting with strangers?
  13. Benefits of Talk to Strangers
  14. Fraud and illegal activities people make utilizing stranger chat
  15. Talk to female strangers online
  16. How to keep away children to chat much with strangers online
  17. Public experience on chatting with strangers online
  18. Cautions during chatting with strangers
  19. Concluson remarks for Talk to Strangers
  20. References
  21. Appendix_Extra Knowledge


According to wikipedia [i], online chat refer to any live communication between two or a group of guests in real time. Chat is always a real time text transmission between sender and receiver through internet or any other service provider. Online chat may include transmission of any kind of messeges including video, picture or voice.

With the evolution of the internet 2G, 3G, 4G and now 5G the number of chatting websites and mobile chat applications has been increased dramatically. Every second there are 3 new websites. There are approx. 250+ real time chatting websites [ii] and 300+ mobile chat application on both android and ios and approx 50 to 70 million users per month who look forward to chat with strangers. In todays internet era people now a days are very busy with their devices specially mobile and laptop/computers. Therefore whenever they feel stressed or feels to talk someone they look forward towards their device only. Some times they use their previously registered social media like facebook, instagram etc. Sometime they want to be anonymous or stranger and hence they talk to other strangers online.

There are people with various mindset who want to be stranger while chatting with other person. For example a shy male may want to chat whatever he wants during chat with a girl. Probably he will search “chat whatever with strangers” on Google. There are more people who just want to fun chat all the time and dont wanna reveal their identity and hench there is CHAT WITH STRANGERS like concept.

chat with strangers
chat with strangers


There are a no. of unvaried history about the first chatroom. According to WireBlog [iii] in 1978, a University of Essex student named Roy Trubshaw created a programm on computer that allowed individuals to affix in a very fantasy-based game from their home computers. The program was referred to as MUD, or Multi-User Dungeon (a relevance the sport Dungeons and Dragons).

At first, the MUD program was solely utilized by Trubshaw’s friends, however shortly there have been alternative versions of MUD programs floating around, spreading throughout the net, then in its infancy. MUD programs were common among computer-literate users, and by 1994, there have been concerning four hundred MUD programs in use, with individuals chatting concerning play and alternative topics of mutual interest.

Another vital development for on-line chat came in 1980. In Columbus, Ohio, Alexander Trevor introduced CompuServe’s CB machine. in contrast to Talkomatic, this site program was for the general public and was significantly nearer in thought to the chatrooms of nowadays.

If you are looking for CHATROOM history how come you forgot the encyclopedia. According to Wikipedia [iv] the first chatroom system was employed by the U.S. Government in 1971. it had been developed by Murray Turoff, a young Doctor of Philosophy graduate from Berkeley. And its 1st use was throughout President Nixon’s wage-price freeze underneath Project metropolis. The system was referred to as EMISARI and would enableten regional offices to link alongin a veryperiod of timeon-line chat called the party line. it had been in spendtill 1986. the primary public on-line chat system was referred to as Talkomatic, created by Doug Brown and David R. Woolley in 1973 on the philosopher System at the University of Illinois. It offered many channels, every of thatmay accommodate up to 5folks, with messages showing on all users’ screens character-by-character as they were written. Talkomatic was extremely popular among philosopher users into the mid-1980s. In 2014 Brown and Woolleydischarged a web-based version of Talkomatic.

The first dedicated on-line chat service that was wide out there to the general public was the CompuServe CB machine in 1980, created by CompuServe govt Alexander “Sandy” Trevor in Columbus, Ohio.

Jarkko Oikarinen created net Relay Chat (IRC) in 1988. several peer-to-peer purchasers have chat-rooms, eg. Ares Galaxy, eMule, Filetopia, Retroshare, Vuze, WASTE, WinMX, etc.


Concept of stranger chat came into existence with the craze of computers and internet. When people saw possibilites to connect anyone in the world on a very low cost or zero cost, STRANGER CHAT concept came into the web-designers mind. This was really cool concept in those day to chat with a strangers sitting thousands mile away from you on internet.

How it Works:

Its not much different from Instant Messaging or email or social media chat. However there are differences between these two. I assume talk to strangers online, a virtual cocktail party where everyone is invited and can talk, flirt or even can share their contact to meet in real. CHATROOMS are revolution in intercommucation between computer networks. There is an article pulished in LIFEWIRE [v] which tells a step to step guide how a chatroom works. However this is not the single reference you can check google how a CHATROOM works and find a plenty of websites/articles/guides. I can tell you the hightlights of working process of a CHATROOM

STEP 1- Your computer connects to the chat server

STEP 2- Commands are sent to the server

STEP 3- You are connected to the chatroom


Internet is not only optinon to become social and talking to strangers online has really no connection with being social. Than what makes an individual to chat with other individuals online whom he never know. Infact they mostly never share their details except chatting craps.

There are many reasons why people chat with strangers

  • Sometimes experts suggest to chat with strangers for various reasons [vi]
  • People who are shy may get some boost by talking to strangers, and internet is the best platform to get strangers to chat with.
  • To learn something new with some specific stragners
  • To have fun, flirt or friendship. However social media are best optiona for friendship
  • Mostly boys and girls chat with strangers for their sexual desires
  • There are many people who do it to make fraud. [Be aware of such people]


This may be a ovious question, you dont know how many people you can meet on anonymous chat. However there are millions and billions of people available on social media whom you can chat with. Than you are choosing a stranger chat website with less opportunity and with less people?

The best ans of the above question is to hide your identity while chatting with strangers. 

Now the next question arise is why people want to hind their identity if they want to friendship?

This is coz people specially girls dont want to public their contacts with any strangers whom they dont know. Mean they will only share their details once they will come to know that the guy infront is genuine and decent enough and fit into her criteria. The same phenomena apply with boys too. Thats why people prefer to talk anonymously.

There are other reason too why people want to chat with strangers anonymously, and that one is to have fun with. People wants to be stranger to have fun. They just want it to be casual so they hide their identity.

Sometime multipersonalty/shy/gay/lesbian people also use to talk with strangers to talk as per their next personality whom they are hiding with socity. You can also see a small answer on QUORA [vii], about why people always want to chat with strangers.


If you know something about digital marketing you can easily check how many google search are there on topic “talk to strangers“. I have check google trends and search ananlytics for keywords like ‘chat with strangers’ and ‘talk to strangers’.

Here is a short details about “Stranger Chat” keywords and its load on Google search engine –

KeywordMin search volumeMax search volumeCompetitionCompetition (indexed value)
talk to strangers100,0001,000,000Low1
stranger chat100,0001,000,000Low2
stranger chat app10,000100,000Low32
random video chat10,000100,000Low19
random video call1,00010,000Low29
video chat with strangers1,00010,000Low19
omegle talk to strangers1,00010,000Low2
random chat app1,00010,000Medium38
video chat with strangers app1,00010,000Medium47
random video chat app with strangers1,00010,000Low33
random video chat app1,00010,000Medium44
stranger chat online1,00010,000Low7
talk to female strangers online1,00010,000Low12


[6B] Compared breakdown by subregion


Safe Web Surfing during chatting with strangers: Top Tips for Kids and Teens for Online Chatting

If you’re reading this right now my powers of deduction tell me that there’s about a 100 percent chance that you use the Internet chatting. I’m so smart thanks for checking out well cast we’re super glad you’re here and since you’ve already conveniently placed yourself online. We’re going to talk to you today about Internet chatting safety and chatting now wait a minute, okay before you roll your eyes and say my mom told me all about Internet chatting safety already or my surf instructor explained to me the dangers of leaving it information on the Internet chatting. Just read throughly, all right we spend a lot of time on the Internet online chatting with strangers, here at well-cast and we give pretty awesome advice I think you’ll agree so today we’re going to give you our top four things that you absolutely need to know about Internet chatting safety are you ready tip 1 the Internet chatting is forever ever ever that was all in-house no joke anything that you put on the Internet chatting no matter how old could be there until you have grandchildren of your own who will be googling you I mean if Google is even still a thing in 40 years I mean who knows maybe Bing can make a great comeback so what do you do well start by googling your name your phone number your address just to find out what’s really floating around out there plus it’s kind of fun if you’re on social media and who isn’t use the strictest privacy settings out there tip 2 don’t put personal information during chatting with strangers online. 73% of teens and 68% of young adults are on social networking sites for chatting with stranger people and friends online, out of those people roughly half post personal information phone numbers addresses emails, mean they are unknown and considered as a stranger. Don’t do that if you do it leaves you open for attacks from either.

Cyberbulles are just some weird folks who want to take advantage of you do yourself a favor and ask a trusted friend what private information they can see on your sites while you are chatting online with strangers. If you’re not happy with the answer to removing it tip 3 don’t forget about smartphone safety. In an era of smart phones cybers safety should extend to your phone too especially when it comes to tech safety remember how your parents warned you about accepting car rides from strangers alright don’t accept phone calls or texts from strangers either only answer texts and phone calls from your contact list tip four handle hacking intelligently part of being a member of the world wide web is being aware that no matter how careful you are your account may get hacked getting hacked sucks but it is in the end of the world and there are a few important things to do when you get hacked to ensure your safety a change that password and make the new one secure make it unpredictable according to a CBS article password was the most popular password of 2012 followed by one two three four five six people we can do better than this if you’re really going for all-out cyber safety and you should check to see if your email service provides 2-step verification it’s not impossible but that is a hard nut to crack B check your sent box and let any affected people know that you were spammed especially if your account sent out a phishing link your friends deserve to know what’s up C do a sweep of your computer with antivirus software alright odds are not only did you send something nasty out to your friends you might have something nasty lurking in the recesses of your hard drive d back up your files if there’s a virus your computer doesn’t catch you don’t want to lose everything ok backing up files is totally a chore but you’ll be really happy you did it go ahead and invest in a cheap portable hard drive and keep it somewhere safe to recap remember these points won anything you put on the Internet chatting will be there for a very long time believe me I’ve thought a lot about this – your personal information shouldn’t be visible to everybody 3 do not accept phone calls or texts from strange numbers and 4 if your hacked change your password check that set box and clean off your hard drive ASAP.


Hey guys, today we’re gonna be talking about the top five or random web cam site to video chat with strangers, you can talk to you people online can’t you can what that means and let’s get started;

Guys at number five we have cause you can calm but you can meet at number five because it’s fast it actually is fast compared to all other webcam sites. Because it connects you automatically if you have like pre medium internet connection like speed medium speed that’s so better vapor for this but if you have even less be that’s also good.

I actually have less pee right now so it is connecting pretty good so yeah that’s why it’s at number five so right now I’m gonna just pause it because I don’t know what’s at the side so yeah I’ll be so okay

Alright guys that was the number five let’s get into number four at number 4 we have chat random. Chat around there is an alternate you for chat roulette okay is alternative or chatroulette but chat brandon has a special and best quality you can choose country I’m gonna stop I know something gonna come out there and real my videos so I’m gonna start and yeah so you can actually select what country you want to to talk to like if you want to talk to us eight people you can just select USA or you can select Poland and um so I’m gonna just go with USA it actually connects you ninety to ninety nine percent it will connect to you. Sometimes it doesn’t so don’t worry about it but it will connect you to the country you chose so okay so if I know this video gonna be a lot of men gonna be so for my brothers I’m gonna give you some tips like just chat stranger in Poland and Ukraine and Indonesia Finland and Morocco you will get girls mostly from those countries I’ve seen so many girls from they’re not from the old. From the other ones New Zealand also good so yeah that’s it for number four we’re gonna and don’t go for India the never seen before alright I’m gonna start now guys I’m gonna and we go to number three

All right guys now number three best online chatting site for video chat with strangers, is chocolate. This is my personal favorite website for video chat, but it actually this kind of was also bullshit I’m gonna just type my away okay so this is sha Allah at number three I love this one also because this is my personal favorite actually also the Omega but although my favorite but the thing here is the best thing here if you can also like chat random you can select the country you want to talk to this is actually the best way to find many girls also you can talk with our camera our with or without camera and you can actually just type the info gender so people can know also you can add photos to your account also you can write their premium they’ll give you tokens to her connections like if you want clothes over begin by the premium and you they will connect you to a female gender stranger to chat with. Your connection so that’s number three guys let’s get into number two we’re gonna pause right now

Alright guys now we going to number two this site you don’t have to know even I don’t have to tell you about this amigo this is the one of the best test site I’ve seen so far I actually use it a lot this is my favorite one actually this is my favorite one guys so yes amigo is best for all things but mostly these things so you have to be careful about those things also yeah you get a lot of girls in here also you can beat youtubers actually you know youtubers doesn’t really don’t really use other side so it’s chatroulette there are useless at random and all they use less but this amigo them they actually prefer amigo because a lot of interesting people here if you talk interest oh yeah say on here you can actually type the interest say guys if you want to talk about something like YouTube funny sniper you’re gonna talk if you’re a fan of snipe or we can just type Skype group and the other [Music] to talk about her like that you can go to scary or pranks or something like that or youtuber you can meet some youtuber oh yeah that’s why it’s the best so far guys but at number one god ID number one.

I have something cool at number one because I actually shocked me at first but now I’m gonna pause this for now because I just wanna I just don’t want mommy video to go any longer all right guys we’re going for number one I bet you’re gonna like this one I like it a lot pretty girls guys in this video chats I I mean webcam site you don’t get boys at all only you get these girls to chat with everywhere. So this is actually the best show for guys or girls no boys no takes nothing just girls let me show you here only get is girls so it’s called Chat link calm so go check it out all you have to do is just say who you are turn on your camera like so and start searching and guys trust me you will never get a dick oh yeah just girls just like this hey and they’re so friendly actually they do talk to you so yeah and by the way you have to like buy their premium unless you don’t buy your premium they I’m gonna put like time limit so yeah that’s the time limit guys you have time limit like I guess you just have five we call that five connection limit and they will then you have to wait for it to get started again so look at this no for him boys just girls and most of them 90% up on all our old Russians and other half or something so here you guys your trial is has expired you have to wait five minutes then they’re gonna give you another five connections that’s awesome so yeah but I kind of tell you prefer you to upgrade premium that would be good that you can chat with video with strangers whenever you want, so yeah all right guys that’s it from my side. For rest details on chatting with strangers online keep going on this article.


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There are plenty of websites to chat with strangers, but I will suggest of few of them only. Like there is one named CHATWHATEVER.COM , If you are looking for a talk to strangers website featured with all type of  chat format including video chat, text chat and audio chat with random strangers than CHATWHATEVER is there for you. ON CHATWHATEVER  you will be able to make free chat with strangers with a special features to find the lost strangers. CHATWHATEVER site is packed with features to get the lost strangers whom you are chatting with. As you entered as a guest in CHATWHATEVER You will will be assigned a temporary id while you are Talking with any person. What you have to do just remember the stranger id whome you are chatting with. In case if the stranger is disconnected any how, just search the same id if you want to talk again with him/her.

CHATWHATEVER is has a global presence,available almost in every countries. Strangers from approximately 170+ countries will be waiting for you on CHATWHATEVER.COM. Rest there is always an option that you can meet you dream person may be on CHATWHATEVER. However we will suggest not to share your information very quickly, you should just chat as long as you want being as stranger and if you think there is no need to chat as a stranger now you can share your information.

There is also a login option to become semi-stranger. Semi stranger mean you can just login with any social site where you have very less information about you for examle – Gmail. No on CHATWHATEVER plateform, here you could judge people for days, i mean when you will be online with same id, people who are regular there will start recognizing you. Meanwhile you could talk to same stranger for days/week or even months untill you will know that this strager is a good and best fit for you. This talk to stranger website give you a temperory idn as well as permanant id if you login via any social media so that you could chat with same stranger and connect with same stranger as many times as you want.

Now Its up to you you want to make account or not on CHATWHATEVER. Making account on CHATWHATEVER website is also really easy. You wont take more than 30 seconds to make an account on CHATWHATEVER.COM


This review is on a chat site called strangermeetup.com; this is the home page of the site right now there’s one thousand six hundred and seventy-five people online ready to chat with me. The purpose of this site like they see here is to chat with random strangers so you can create account or login or you can chat anonymously with limited features and that’s what we’re going to do it’s a couple of things.

Here you can chat anonymously leave you have private chat rooms you don’t have to register if you don’t want to and it’s free to use so we’re gonna do that right now. I’ll show you how the whole site works so you’re chatting with strangers.

Say hi so I’m chatting with a male 19 that’s why it’s Emma’s m-19 so usually if unless the guy’s gay he’s gonna I don’t think he’s gonna chat with me, but maybe here’s who knows we’re just never you really use this like before so basically so now just three little dots mean he’s chatting back to me. Now if you’re looking for real girls this is really really hit and miss because you don’t know if you’re chatting with and you could be wasting lots of time interacting with a guy, and if you’re looking for girls you’re not going to meet anybody unless you unless you are looking for a guy which I’m not.

Anyways that’s how it works here’s the About section where you down see what that says about that stranger meet up it’s awesome. Have you stopped by it’s all about anonymous why can’t I share photos or videos it’s cool to share photos with friends and sort of thing? Tomorrow we’re going to do something i graver to kindly just chat so you’re not allowed to actually straight as to share folders and stuff like that but here it says request photo which I find that hard if they say you can’t share photos or videos within a how can you request photos and stuff like that so my thing is here so I guess you can share photos so now he’s saying you first but I don’t want it to share any photos with them what do I think about the site I don’t I don’t really think it’s anything special.

I guess you’re gonna just sit there and waste some time that’s fine but if you’re actually looking to meet girls as in dating or hooking up stranger meetups not for you this is strictly for strangers to talk and that could be male female any age and any gender. So I’m gonna end this chat right now really in chat yes and I can start a new chat you talk to somebody else here chatting anonymously with limited features once again if you’re looking to meet real girls on a real site you can click HERE right now and that will take you to my recommended eating chat site when it has real girls on it with photos and everything else so there’s also video chat as well all you need to do in order to get basic access to the site is create a free basic account and then you can start searching around.

I just saw that let’s just go in here and see what kind of searching they have or what can you search for what I’m in like so that’s kind of funny I don’t get it like you have a search option here but it’s not really to search on the site very confusing site. So if I say hi we’re gonna be strangers male and almost a male 32 so anyways yeah take a look at that site click on a link in the description right below this video so he left because he’s looking for a girl started that’s a thing with his site it’s a really really hit miss, usually people use this as more of a dating site than anything else.

For example if you watch male 32 he’s probably going to leave again so take a look and see hey that’s what happened so take a look at my site if you’re interested in searching for real girls click on the link of the description like right below the video if you do have questions or comments regarding stranger meetup.com leave those in the comments section right below this video in youtube and i click on the like button to show support for this video this video showed you how stranger meetup works and please please click on the like button and also please click on subscribe to be informed of future updates I do on other chat sites and video sites here.